3 Excellent GogoPDF Features to Save You From Stress in Handling PDFs

GogoPDF is a web-based application that allows users to transform, preview, and even set passwords to their PDFs while on the go. This platform is the most user-friendly because users can complete every step in just a few clicks. All you have to do now is upload those files, edit, wait a few minutes, and then download the papers. Here is the knowledge you need to know if you want to use some of its tools.

Because technology is constantly changing, the trend now won’t be popular in the following years or decades. With the rapid change, you might want to preserve any essential documents with the right tool and save you from any future stress. Most people with desktops will have to convert their documents in the future. The PDF format is relatively easy to share and view, and it works on different operating systems, but it is possible to change along the way.
If you wish to transform your documents into PDF/A, you might want to use the PDF to PDFA conversion tool of GogoPDF to make the file more safe, accessible, and secure for the coming years. GogoPDF will always embed all content needed to show the file in a precise manner in your file. With that, here’s how to use this online conversion tool:

  1. Upload any PDF file from your PC or drag it into the conversion box.
  2. The process will begin in a while.
  3. The converter will transform your PDF document into PDF/A.
  4. Start saving the document to your computer or share the link with others.

PDF to Word
Every day, employees are given chores such as copying and pasting that they would like not to spend most of their time on to avoid jeopardizing their productivity. While the duties listed above are simple to complete, frequently repeating them can eat up all of your time before you can go on to another activity and finish your list.
If this describes you, we have excellent news for you: GogoPDF will offer its converting tool to make your life easier and assist you with your needs. The product we’d like to discuss is its PDF to Word conversion tool, which eliminates the need for users to copy content and gives them more time to complete their daily activities.
What is the purpose of this converting tool? As you can see, the PDF to Doc online application allows users to download and convert PDF files into editable Word documents. There will be no need to copy or paste content from one document into another. The GogoPDF program can extract any information from a document and insert it in a new file that looks just like the original. If you’re wondering how it works, keep reading. The following are some simple measures to take:

  1. Select any PDF and upload it to the website’s conversion tab.
  2. The contents or pages from the PDF will be extracted and scanned using this conversion tool.
  3. Would you mind waiting until it is completed?
  4. You can begin downloading the Word document format once it is complete.

Password Protect PDF
The latest technology and approach for securing or adding passwords to your PDF document is this new and revolutionary PDF protection tool. GogoPDF will convert any documents in file formats such as JPG, PPT, Excel, or even Word into PDFs and allow you to add whatever password you wish to them. Others may lack the necessary tools to password-protect their files, but this one will make the procedure quick, straightforward, and painless, and your PDFs will be secure in no time.
GogoPDF’s platform is also the simplest and most secure way to keep any documents private and secret. First, users must upload their files into the website’s conversion area to keep their files safe. After that, users can add a password of their choosing. You can be confident that the files are entirely encrypted after setting the password and making the adjustments. Follow these basic steps if the procedure is still opaque:

  1. To GogoPDF.com, drag and drop the PDFs.
  2. Fill out the password field.
  3. To protect a PDF, click the “Encrypt PDF” button.
  4. Begin saving the file to your computer.

Many people currently utilize GogoPDF, which is the most dependable online software. It also includes several PDF management tools that make managing thousands of PDF documents a breeze. So, if you want an online tool that you don’t have to pay for and that doesn’t require you to download any additional software, GogoPDF is the tool for you!