2021 Best Jewelry Gift For Her This Christmas 

Jewelry is every girl’s favorite and it’s the ultimate thing that adds value to the entire look and makes her look the best. Having said that, with Christmas coming up, you must be looking for a perfect gift like gold jewelry & necklaces for your lady luck and nothing could be better than Mayrine!

What’s Mayrine?

Mayrine is a high-end jewelry brand that’s known for perfectly stylish, delicate, and sophisticated jewelry. They have designed jewelry that tells stories and all of them are rooted in inspiration, love, encouragement, and romance. Mayrine has an extensive range of accessories that aren’t only stylish and matching trends but they are also timeless and classic. 

As far as the quality is concerned, Mayrine has coined its name as the premium jewelry brand which means you won’t have to worry about the quality. In fact, they have rigorous quality assurance standards, so you will get the perfect piece. Now that you know about the brand, let’s check out the jewelry that has caught our attention!

“Love You To The Moon And Back” Engraved Pendant Necklace

What gift could be better than sparkles and telling your partner how much you love her? This “love you to the moon and back” engraved silver pendant is an apt choice for men who want to express their feeling. It’s available in three colors, including rose gold, 14K gold, and silver, so you can choose what suits your lady’s aesthetics and personal style. 

It is designed with a chain and white diamonds to add sparkle. It has a double-sided pendant style with blue enamel and shimmy zirconia stones. At the back, there is a lobster clasp with an adjustable sliding bead, making it a breeze to wear this pendant necklace. If you ask us, nothing works better than some blue and diamonds for a woman and this one seems to be the embodiment of that!

“Love You More Than All The Stars” Engraved Pendant Necklace

Stars are amazing and captivating but if your love is bigger than that, this pendant necklace is the ultimate choice. Designed with the double-pendant style, it’s meant to add a unique touch to your lady’s look while she is wrapped in your love (the love that’s bigger than all the stars of the universe!). The necklace comes with a chain, so it’s ready to gift. 

The pendant necklace is available in three colors, such as rose gold, silver, and 14K gold to meet your needs. This piece shows your endless love for your partner and has diamonds to prove that. It’s designed with the lobster clasp that has an adjustable sliding bead to ensure proper closure. Not to forget, there are 115 stones engraved in this, so it’s the only thing that shines brighter than your love!

Union Of Pearl And Star Asymmetric Necklace

If you’ve been looking for something intricate yet delicate for your lady, this Union Of Pearl And Star Asymmetric Silver Necklace is nothing but flawlessness. Available in rose gold, 14K gold, and silver color, we are sure you will find the dream color that your lady will love. This is an extremely delicate design that’s accentuated with three pearls on two sides of the chain. 

The integration of white diamonds with pearls adds to the elegance and sophistication of this chain. We do think that it’s an exceptionally diverse piece that will capture your lady’s heart as soon as she sets her eyes on it. Also, with the chain design and a lobster clasp, it will be a breeze to wear. As for the stones, there are 20 of them, so the shine is subtle and looks extremely elegant.