2013Keezy Shows His Melodic Range On “Space”

Calling Los Angeles, California his home, 2013keezy has been grinding his entire life to make his music industry dreams a reality. With the recent success of a handful of singles in 2021 and a well-paying career on his side, 2013keezy is looking to make even more moves in 2022. He recently released his newest single titled, “Space,” and it’s a certified banger.

“Space” is 2013keezy’s newest song, and it features the unique sound that has earned him a name for himself. The song touches on the subject of someone believing they are closer to you than they are and in reality, making the space in between seem closer than it actually is.

“2013keezy” is a certified hit by Flame J. Stay tuned as he has more in store for the year ahead.

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