15 Different Types of Containers For Safe Goods Shipping

Tonnes of materials are transferred from one place to another daily. From a small pen to big machines, everything works at your fingertips. It might seem that it works on fingertips, but it requires several things. 

The rise of e-commerce has meant that the movement of goods from one city or country to another will take more flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of transportation as well as storage. Loads of goods are moved with the help of large containers. These containers come in several shapes, sizes, and suitability requirements.

With the dynamic goods ranging from liquids to clothes to watches to glass & sensitive items, different items need several customized containers. Finding the right shipping container for sale is crucial for efficient and secure transportation of goods. Let’s look at different types of containers, such as durable wooden shipping crates, which would be another option for transporting goods and their unique features. 

15 Kinds of Container Units

The following types of containers are the major container units used for transporting and covering every kind of stuff.

  1. Dry storage containers: These are ISO-certified shipping containers. These are specially used for transporting dry items. These containers have several variants according to their size. 

Different sizes available for these containers are – 20 ft, 40 ft, and 10ft. Since these containers do not permit temperature regulation, liquids are generally not transported in such containers.

  1. Open top container: Storage units used to offer transportation of different heightened goods are known as open-top containers. Vast chunks of bulk cargo can be shipped in these containers.

Such vessels give more flexibility in terms of protection against bad weather conditions like rain. The roof of these boxes can be removed whenever desired. 

  1. Flat rack container: These container structures have great depth with considerable height. These storage containers have open sides that can be folded after the loading of goods. It acts and looks like a flat rack with comparatively more durability and strength.

These also come in different sizes, like 20 feet long and 40 feet long. Also, additional features in several flat rack containers vary. 

  1. Tunnel container: As the name suggests, it is a tunnel with both ends of the container open. It helps in the speedy loading and unloading process of goods as the workers can swiftly move in the container from either end to load/unload. 
  1. Open side storage container: These types of containers comprise one door that can be fully opened. This aids in more capacity loading. Moreover, it helps the workers as well to carry a huge product into the container as one side is opened to load quickly.
  1. Double door container: Double door containers are similar to tunnel vessels with some changes. The two open doors are – one at the other end and the other at the sides of the container. The side door is a big one to ease the loading and unloading of the materials. These are built of steel and/or iron. These storage units come in two sizes – 20 ft. and 40 ft. 
  1. Refrigerated ISO container: If dry containers were made for non-perishable items, then refrigerated SO containers are specially made for shipping goods that require low temperatures. 

These containers help in transporting items like milk, fruits, vegetables, etc., over long distances. Such containers are the most suitable units for shipping bottled and jarred packaged goods.

  1. Insulated or thermal containers: These containers are the combination of dry storage containers and refrigerated ISO containers. These are very handy when there are fluctuations in temperatures to be made. 

These serve as an all-in-one storage and transport vessel in terms of temperature. When inter-state shipping is done where the climatic changes in two states are highly dynamic, this type of container is undoubtedly the best option. 

  1. Cargo storage roll containers: These are foldable and flexible containers used for shipping huge stacks and sets of raw materials and semi-finished goods. The built-up of these storage cargo boxes are of sturdy wire mesh. They also comprise rollers that help in the efficient and effective movement of goods. 
  1. Tanks: These container units are exclusively designed for the shipping and movement of liquids. It is a widespread type of shipping vessel made up of steel or any anti-corrosive material
  1. Semi-heightened container: half-heightened storage containers are built for transporting materials that are easy to load and unload. These are half the height of a regular full container. These are best suitable for shipping coal, stones, etc. 
  1. Intermediate bulk shift containers: These containers are suitable for transporting massive loads of goods and materials from one place to another for further packaging and eventually shipping the same to the final destination. These containers act as middlemen in terms of shipping destinations. 
  1. Drum vessels: These are popular cylinder-shaped containers made up of materials such as steel, lightweight metals, fiber, hard plastic, etc. These are small in size but require extra space. These are mainly used for shipping liquids in high amounts.
  1. Special purpose container: These transporting units are highly customized and are built as per the requirements of the particular purposes. These containers serve transportation of infrequent and high profile goods like weapons, arsons, pistols, etc. Security is a significant factor that is considered while building such vessels. 
  1. Car carriers: As the name signifies, this container type is used for transporting cars over long distances. The containers are made in a way so that the cars do not get damaged in the transportation container. The vessel has collapsible sides that serve the safety of cars stored in it. 


Time and place utility are two components that constitute a central place in the e-commerce industry. Moreover, shipping and transportation of goods have facilitated merchants to gain control over the market even if there were better competitors.

The government has also aided the transportation of materials by indirectly creating infrastructure for smoother operation. Container units assist in cutting overall costs and increasing their overall profit margin. With innovations, the shipping of delicate goods like a glass jar has also been possible. 

But, it is necessary to get the correct containers to save additional time. The decision of choosing the container units depends on the size of the order, needs, and the final location. Along with choosing the right containers, the packaging of different types of goods also plays a vital role. And once you’ve picked the right one for you, you can hire shipping container Sydney to get your goods shipped safely.