10 Facts about Tomas Kuçi that you didn’t know!

Everyone have been told in our childhood that how we won’t be able to succeed and achieve something in life if we do not study and get a degree of college. Dropping out of school to pursue our dream always considered a foolish and dangerous decision in our society however, that’s not true in Tomas Kuçi story and for this we bet you 10 interesting facts.

1. He is from Albania but he born in Italy born in Brescia ITALY.
2. He was part of Teuta Football club from 2004 to 2016.
3. Tomas is known as record producer but in 2012 he was the main producer for some Hip Hop groups based in Durres Albania.
4. Tomas favourite music is Hip Hop Rap and favourite artist is Marin, Noizy, Stresi etc…
5. He is a big fan of football game and his favourite team is Inter.
6. His favourite food is pizza and also Italian food.
7. Tomas like so much action films and his favourite actor is Jacke Chan.
8. His favorite track of this year is Marin – Meek Meek.
9. His hobby is also and fitness and reading new books.
10. He believe that one day Tomas will be one of the best record producers in Balkan.

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