10 Best Strategies to Grab Client Attention With Social Media

The sheer volume of posts and information that are uploaded daily reduces your chances of your website getting seen and noticed. Because of this it can seem difficult to catch and hold the attention of audiences or make them interested. However, by following proven social media strategies, you too can boost the customer engagement of your brand.

The 10 Best Strategies

Agencies on social media marketing from Waterloo to Alberta will tell you that the key component to succeeding on the Internet is by going with the trends. You have to feel the pulse of the public and adapt to their preferences. Here are the top 10 best strategies to help you do that:

1. Invest in Paid Ads

Posting ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more doesn’t cost you anything. If you’re looking to get the most in brand exposure, content promotion, and faster conversion, then paid ads are the way to go. 

Investing in this strategy enables social media platforms to display your posts in a more targeted manner. Instead of getting limited visitors, you will increase the page visits and your posts will have better-staying power including reaching potential clients outside your area. 

2. Make Your Audience Laugh

A sprinkle of safe fun and humour can go a long way for your social media posts. Incorporating jokes, witty remarks, and puns on your ads will give more reason for readers to remember and interact with your brand. Since laughter is a universal language, everyone can participate in your posts and will help make a closer connection with you.

Using memes and punchlines to advertise your content exposes a sense of humanity in the brand voice. So, if you’re selling DV systems compressors, it can get a bit boring if you just post about its specs. Throw in some side jokes and inside jokes that your target customers can resonate with.

3. Hashtags are Your Friend

Formerly known as the number sign, hashtags are more than just perpendicular lines used as prefixes for social media posts. Utilizing this simple but powerful tool creates tags and connections with other posts, making it easier for search engines and customers to find you.

With Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using this symbol to rank the trending topics of the day, it’s an easy shortcut to increasing online traffic. Knowing what your product is all about with a single hashtag encourages interest and understanding of your brand.

Using keywords as your hashtags also boosts your chances of being presented as the top result, letting you appear as part of trending topics. 

Photo by Katie Harp

4. Persuade Readers to Tag

When it comes to social media advertisements, tagging does not refer to a child’s game. Once a person sees your ad and thinks that someone they know would benefit from it, they would “tag” or mention the person in the comments section.

It’s one of the key strategies that create community interaction and organic traffic. It draws in new people and increases interest. However, this is to be done sparingly to avoid getting reported as spam and being blocked. 

5. Know your Message

Sparking up interest among your fans and followers is best done with meaningful and meaty content. However, posting a video or photo on random days may seem wasteful, especially if you could have tailored it better for specific occasions. 

Your social media posts become more relevant and timely if it includes real-time world events that affect everyone. So, if you’re trying to sell an online security training course, it’s best to reference recent major issues and topics related to it, rather than simply handing out the facts. This way, your posts will spark conversations and open up new doors for interaction. 

6. Use DP Blasts and Frames

Your personal and page profile pictures are the first things that people see when they search for your business. It’s the 21st century’s version of first impressions, wherein people will immediately decide whether you’re someone legitimate or not. 

By using professionally designed frames in your display picture, you let readers and clients know that you personally trust and value this service, product, or business. Avoid pixelated logos and brand names on your page. Include actual people as part of the advertising process to humanize your posts. 

7. Respond and Talk

Recent statistics show that almost 83% of Facebook and 71% of Twitter fans and followers expect to receive a response from your posts within 24 hours. With 32% of Twitter hoping to get an answer in just 30 minutes, it’s important to monitor and be proactive on your ads.

Doing so will make clients feel heard and satisfied while strengthening the trust and bond between customer and brand. 

8. Utilize Video Content

Visual content presentation is the best way to make your services and products more memorable. Giving your clients and viewers a full-on sensory experience increases the chances of recall and interest. 

For you to maximize its effects, make sure to post your video directly into the social media platform that you’re using instead of transferring viewers to other links.

9. Visuals are Great Communicators

Including images on your posts can make wordy blogs and content more bearable and easier for your readers to process. Eye-catching designs and trendy visuals make them understand your article better. These visual aids also have higher “like-rates” if they include faces that people can connect better with. 

10. Hold an Online Contest

Caption contests, trivia, photoshoots, and online raffles are some of the tried and tested ways to promote businesses and products. Doing it in an online setting would be less on the budget and easier for fans as it would require less logistical expense. Sure, it would need investment on the prize money but the clout and publicity you get are worth every coin. 

It would be better to hand out prizes related to your product as it would encourage them to test it out and come back to purchase. However, it’s also good to mix in other unrelated prizes such as gadgets, tickets, and more. You can even give discounts and coupons as a more affordable prize alternative.  

Engaging with your customers has never been faster and easier in this modern age. With lightning-fast connections and social media platforms, the geographical boundaries that separate you and your clients are almost inconsequential. However, despite the closer connection that social media provides, creating genuine customer ties and engagement is still a challenge. So, try these strategies for your next social media post and increase your clientele.